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When smart women come together, brilliant ideas and solutions are created.

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Are you looking for business growth...

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but you're tired of going it alone?


 A mastermind might be JUST what you need. There's something about committing to success with a group of other driven entrepreneurial women that allows you to grow and stretch your business in ways you never dreamed possible.

When you're looking for next level success, you want a meaningful way to spend your time and money.



  The Epic Mastermind method of combining the group collective with 1:1 support & coaching is what gives you the mojo, motivation and support to bring your lofty goals to fruition.


What they're saying


Corey B..

"Working with Kelly has been the best thing for me in my business. 

Kelly is someone I can trust to bring me the hard truth, help me see the big picture, and then effectively go through the steps to help me accomplish it! I can confidently recommend Kelly to anyone ready to level up their business and willing to do the work to make it happen! Your business will thank you!"



Becky Z.

"Kelly has not only given my businesses an overhaul but my mindset too! I had lost my creative mojo.  After working one on one with her I was able to start creating again and have reworked my business to relaunch with a better model and structure. Kelly is really all the things from marketing to tech to productivity to girl let’s get you out of your funk! "


Annaline D.

"The members of the EPIC mastermind are my ideal customers.  It was fantastic to discuss my project and get feedback from the people I serve.  It helped shape and improve my products.  And what I loved the most was the honest feedback and calling out when I did not move my project forward. "


What to expect

When brilliant women come together, brilliant ideas and solutions are created.

You'll find that showing up to not only GIVE, but GET feedback with other motivated business owners is just the boost you need to max out your productivity this year. When you're looking for next level success, it needs to be a meaningful way to spend your time and money. 

    • 6 Monthly group Mastermind calls where YOU get feedback, support and accountability on your current struggles and reaching your next milestone.
    • 2 hours/month of 1:1 support, strategy, coaching & "let's dig in and get shit done" with Kelly.
    • An in person retreat for next level bonding and planning. This is a work retreat with just the right amount of rest and rejuvenation to send you off for your next 6 months of business growth (Travel & accommodations not included, professional photographer provided.)
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Benefits of the program

We're looking for a few more qualified, motivated and fun loving business owners to join our collective for an Epic upleveling experience!



Monthly group accountability

We use a mastermind format that allows each member to speak, report successes, ask for feedback, support or help and commit to action before the next meeting.

We'll hop on a virtual conference and but our collective brains together for optimal unleveling and problem solving.



1:1 time each month with a marketing & business strategist

Sometimes it is easier to tackle a task with input and guidance. Our monthly work sessions might look like planning out your social media strategy, creating graphics, updating copy on websites, creating marketing collateral, and more.



Retreat time!

We've had retreats in Houston, Nashville and Myrtle Beach. It's the perfect opportunity to bond, plan the next 6 months, relax, laugh and celebrate the hard work that got you there. You'll be all set with images for the next 6 months after the professional photo shoot.

Future retreat request locations are Utah, Destin, FL and Colorado. 


A professional photoshoot? Yes please! 



Branded lifestyle images, headshots

What images do you need for your website, social media and marketing collateral?  We will come up with a list of images so your photoshoot returns EXACTLY what you need to up level even MORE.



Flat lays, product images, social media 

Does your business involve courses, coaching or other "not so tangible" offerings? Do you have products but feel silly getting a picture holding them...a lifestyle photographer is an expert at elevating your business, brand and products through drool worthy photography.



Behind the scenes

Not a natural in front of the camera? (I'm not!) We're there to make you laugh and smile. Not a professional make up artist in your free time? No worries! You'll have the option of getting glammed up and your beautiful images will stop the scroll and elevate your brand.


Epic Mastermind

$500/ mo

6 month commitment

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More testimonials from past members

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Lis M.

"THIS is the group I didn’t know I was missing - strong, thoughtful, and insightful women who are incredibly brilliant. Get ready to grow your business, change your mindset, and ultimately get yourself where you didn’t even know you wanted to be."


Kim W.

"Working with Kelly has been a game-changer! I grew up in business strategy and was impressed by her questions on our first exercise together. This is saying something as I thought I had been there/done that. Since then, my entire online marketing presence is 100% improved, actually it’s probably more like 1000% improved. Work with Kelly if you want to get out there, be recognized and sell your products or services! "


I see you there!

I created Epic Mastermind for solopreneurs who want support and connection with like-minded women.

You are at that stage of your business where it's time to increase your bottom line, it's past time to get systems in place, your online presence could use a refresh, and it's high time you get a kick in the ass to get that project going.

You need structure, accountability, and guidance without the fluff.

You want to move fast but let's be honest: You get in your head and that can be paralyzing. Let's curb those mindset monsters. They appear right when you are about to hit the next BIG milestone.

Epic Mastermind is just what you need! 


We're looking for YOU!

Picture yourself surrounded with other motivated business owners who speak your language and understand your struggles.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely.

You'll get MUCH further, faster when you are part of a trusted group that can see and relate to your roadblocks.  They'll also call you on them (lovingly, of course) and help you take ACTION.