$2,000.00 USD

 I understand payment in full must be complete before my VIP build day.


The Business Edit VIP Day

You and me knee deep in getting your business organized into one central business hub where you start each day knowing exactly what needs to get done. 

If you have a team, they will know exactly what to do with filtered views so they only see what they need.

Stop flicking in between 5 different apps while working - something that makes you incredibly inefficient. 

Your VIP experience consists of:

  • A 20 minute Discovery Call to make sure we are a fit.
  • 45-60 minute Strategy Session where we dive into your current systems, tools and organization to make your Business Hub efficient and easy to navigate.
  • VIP day consists of me building out your custom workspace with 8 hours dedicated exclusively to your project. I'll message or Marco Polo you if I run into questions.
  • 30 days of support to answer any questions or problems you have.

 I can't wait to see what we create and how efficient your business will run.