$525.00 USD

3 Hour Coaching Bundle

Girl, you are going to be blown away with all we can accomplish in 3 hours!

Some of the things we might tackle during your time:

  • Targeted Coaching
  • Social Media strategy
  • Planning, productivity
  • Email Marketing
  • etc...

You'll have incredible momentum after 3 hours of laser focused coaching and you'll know exactly what needs to be done next.



What People Are Saying:

Kelly, let me just dive right in and say thank you for helping me to find my authentic voice! Your creative, no frills approach to helping others get inside the minds of their clients so they can begin to form deeper more authentic connections is nothing short of amazing. In just 3 sessions, I felt completely aligned with my communities on social media, and gained a crystal clear understanding of the next steps I had to take in order to get there. If you’re looking to stop spinning your wheels and get clarity once and for all, then I highly recommend you invite Kelly to walk beside you on your journey.

Claudia De Mauro