$275.00 USD

Get Shit Done Sesh

As entrepreneurs it can get lonely and quite frankly, UN-motivating, to always be working on our own. Do you ever wish you had a parnter who "gets it" to help you move your projects along or even INSPIRE you to do the thing that you are terrified to do?

* 90 minutes of laser focus on YOUR business or business idea

* We can even tackle the stuff you dread or have been putting off (it's so much more fun with a friend)

* Video conferencing allows us to share screen to figure out any tricky bits of tech.

* Let's get busy!




What People Are Saying:

I was excited to work with Kelly so I could get some organization and systems into my business, figure out my niche, come up with some new ideas for social media content, and feel excited about my business again. It is overwhelming, but in a good way. Working with Kelly has helped to give me clarity and helped to get me "unstuck”. Kelly is so organized and you are sure to get a whole lot done in your time working with her! 

Jennifer Todd

Working with Kelly has been a game-changer! I grew up in business strategy and was impressed by her questions on our first exercise together. This is saying something as I thought I had been there/done that. Since then, my entire online marketing presence is 100% improved, actually it’s probably more like 1000% improved. Work with Kelly if you want to get out there, be recognized and sell your products or services!

Kim Woods

Your creative, no frills approach to helping others get inside the minds of their clients so they can begin to form deeper more authentic connections is nothing short of amazing. In just 3 sessions, I felt completely aligned with my communities on social media, and gained a crystal clear understanding of the next steps I had to take in order to get there. If you’re looking to stop spinning your wheels and get clarity once and for all, then I highly recommend you invite Kelly to walk beside you on your journey.

Claudia De Mauro, LLC/M.