Are you spending inordinate amounts of time looking for files, images, links, tools, passwords...

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If only that time was spent on income producing activities!



I know this feeling all to well! At one point, I too, was a disorganized creative entrepreneur with countless sticky notes, composition notebooks, emails to myself, voice memos and digital notebooks. Not to mention the Canva files, Trello boards, Dropbox folders and Google Drive disorganization! 

The Business Edit Vip Day allows us to get knee deep into your creative disorganization and pull it into one place where you can finally store your incredible business ideas so you can quickly access the information and resources you need, WHEN you need them.

You'll find yourself with the brain space to create again!



  The Business Edit allows you to stop being "busy" and start being in business. Your bottom line will thank you! 


They speak for themselves:

Flattery will get you everywhere


Tammy D. 

"I can not thank Kelly enough! I have been struggling my whole life to feel like I am being productive and doing enough. I now have so much more free time and don't feel  guilty because I get more done in a day than I ever did. Now, I can spend more time working with my customers and potential customers and pouring into them, instead of dreading going into work and completing my to-do tasks. I am excited to see how this affects my bottom line!"



Denise L.

"Kelly was incredibly thorough in researching my needs, workflow, and preferences. She then created a customized system that perfectly aligned with my mindset and current needs. Thanks to the tools that she has provided, I am now able to work smarter, not harder, and accomplish more in less time. I firmly believe that we all do better when we know better, and I highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to simplify their life and improve their productivity!"


Your Name in lights

Your success story goes here! Will you gush about having more clarity and organization? How about being able to focus on the parts of your business that bring you joy or a renewed sense of creativity?

Whatever it is, I can't wait to help you!


What to expect

Your VIP Day is devoted to only you and your project.

I block off 8 hours to focus solely on the custom build of a digital workspace that will organize and systemize your entire business! 

    • We will start with a 45 -60 minute pre-vip day strategy call. This gives me the overview of your unique wants and needs for a functional Business Hub.
    • 8 hours of my dedicated time on your VIP day to build your systems and organize your business into a productive digital workspace. Grant me access to your behind the scenes and I'm happy to fill the hub for you or teach you how to do it when we are done.
    • Think:
      • content planner
      • branding guide
      • project management
      • task / calendar management
      • scheduling
      • client management
      • accounting 
      • opperations
      • website
    • An overview video tour of your shiny new workspace with suggestions for how to best utilize its functions.
    • 30 days of support after delivery via email, the communication portal in your Hub, or Marco Polo.
I'm ready! >

Benefits of The Business Edit

Your business has the potential to function efficiently with a system that works the way you do.



Created to work the way you and your brain do.

 Have you ever tried a system or workflow created by someone else and you just can't get it to work for you?

No two businesses are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach will never work.

Chances are your brain works differently. That's why this custom build is better than a cookie cutter template. It's made to work the way YOU do.



Due dates turn into DO dates.

Do you overcommit and feel pressured by your never ending list of "must do's?"

Do self-imposed deadlines wreak havoc on your creativity and find you rushing then abandoning the project because your perfectionism is screaming inside your head?

Being organized with systems in place will give you the creative headspace by structuring and planning out your time. Your Business Hub does this organically.

 We'll get rid of that frantic "I've got too much to do and I don't know where to start" feeling.

Check the done box baby! ✔️




Where did I leave off? Where did I put that file? What was the name of that website, course, blog post... I'll just hop on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook to search for it again...NOOOOOOO!

You are going to be so organized that you can actually get your work done in less time or get more work done in the allowed time.

Your brain is stressing with facts, lists and ideas that it doesn't need to remember.  Your Business Hub is now your second brain, freeing up headspace for the creative work.


The Business Edit VIP Day


  • Book your 20 minute discovery call to see if The Business Edit is what you need.
  • Schedule your 45-60 minute strategy call. Be sure to fill out the questionnaire I'll send you once we book our date.
  • It's VIP day and I'll be working all day building out your business hub.  Please be available via text or Marco Polo for any questions that might come up. 
  • You can expect a walkthrough video within 48 hours of your build.
  • I'm available  for 30 days via messenger or the communication portal inside your hub in case your have questions or need help with anything.



I see you there!

 I created The Business Edit to free up brain space for creative entrepreneurs.

You are at that stage of your business where it's time to increase your bottom line, it's past time to get systems in place, your online presence could use a refresh, and it's high time you get a kick in the ass to get that project going.

You need structure, accountability, and guidance without the fluff.

You have a business to run, but you can't get your important work out into the world when you are spending hours each week spinning your wheels in disorganization and overwhelm.

Most of us started our businesses because we have a product or service we loved, not because we loved project management or were obsessed with organization.

Let me help you over the hump and get you back to what you LOVE.