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The Perfect Plan:

You've got the perfect planner right?  Thing is, you need help creating the perfect plan so you can stop being "busy" and start being in business!

YOUR Perfect Plan is waiting!
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The Perfect Plan is a custom blueprint designed to get you taking action on exactly what needs to be done in and on your business.


Running a business requires discipline, strategy and the ability to get sh*t done. You want to use your time wisely to get your product/service launched and making you moneyMany entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed and stuck. Feel the relief of having someone working WITH you on your business and come away knowing exactly what to do next. Your daily project plans will be productive and systematic helping you get more done in less time.

Have the freebies, webinars, printables and Facebook groups given you the strategy and actionable steps to get you the real results you want in your business? Be honest, have you taken ACTION on all those courses and masterclasses?  I'm here to help you figure it out. Short cut straight to the how to and get you doing the work that will yield results

This isn't a group "coaching" call, or a monthly Q&A. It isn't watching video modules and trying to apply what you learned to YOUR business. It's me and you elbow deep in YOUR business and a CUSTOM plan that addresses all the unique aspects of where your business can grow.

Stop being stuck, stop doubting yourself and let's start getting shi*t done!


Can you relate to any of these?

    • You’re feeling stuck and you don’t know how to move forward. Something is holding you back from taking real action, but you don’t know what or why. 
    • You want strategic next steps to take in your business. You have a product or service you are passionate about but when it comes to marketing you feel completely out of your depth.
    • You're wasting time trying to figure out the tech, but if you're honest, it's really just procrastination. It’s time to stop binge watching youtube tutorials and pinning to your ‘My Brand’ Pinterest Board.
    • You want your business to start making serious money. You just want someone to help you get your mindset straight. You worry that no one is going to want to do business with you or that you aren't good enough to really be a success. (It's the BS we ALL tell ourselves!)
    • You're really busy, but nothing is getting done. You're READY to learn new skills, strategies and tools to actually move the dial!
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  • A plan for your business made just for you with detailed steps to keep you focussed and on track. 

  • Someone to hold you accountable in a bossy big sister kind of way. You aren’t paying to have someone tell you what you want to hear. You are paying for help achieving growth, income, exposure, leadership and marketing badassery.

  • Fast action and fast results. No more wasted time with freebies, masterclasses and downloads. Stop clogging your inbox and get to work.

  • A marketing and business building expert to hold you accountable. 1:1 guidance and the kick in the pants you need to get moving.

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You've got a business you're passionate about.
You're ready for the next step toward making more money in less time.
No more time wasted by DIYing everything.
You want a blueprint you can follow that shows the next right steps and strategies to hear more cha-ching and less "Mom why are you always on your computer!?"
The Perfect plan is made up of two parts. First is a very thorough questionnaire about you, your business and where you want to be. Then it's 1:1 video calls where we dive deep to get your perfect plan created and implemented!

You'll get to choose from 20+ specific requests your plan can't live without.

Such as:

  • Instructions/tutorials for how to create original content fast and easy.
  • An audit of your online presence and suggestions for how to improve your social footprint.
  • A productive daily project plan that helps you systemize and streamline your work.
  • A branding guide for your business.
  • SO much more!

I help you strategize your marketing, systems and sales so you can increase your business and decrease your “busy”ness.

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Your Perfect 10

You get to customize your plan to suit the unique needs of your business.  My job is to help you work through what is necessary and give you permission to let go of the things that are not.


Organization & Systems

Running a business can feel more like herding cats if you don't have organization, time management, systems and your priorities in the right order. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking these skills are innate in all entrepreneurs! 

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Workbooks & Templates

Your Perfect Plan will include workbooks that allow you to fill in your unique details that create a template you can use again and again in your business.


How do I know if I'm ready?

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Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time.
  • You want your next steps strategically planned and laid out for you.
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of.
  • You find yourself paralyzed with comparison/upper limit problems/imposter syndrome.
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Not for you if:

  • You're an excuse maker.
  • You aren't willing to take advice and be coachable.
  • You can't invest in yourself and your success.
  • You're afraid to take the necessary steps to move your business to the next level.
  • You're content to keep procrastinating, being unproductive and staying stuck.
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What's included?


Honest Audit

After you fill out my questionnaire I will take a tour of your online presence. Then, myself and my team will get busy working on the custom requests you chose for your Perfect Plan.  We use a platform that allows us to quickly deliver pieces of your plan right away. You'll be getting feedback and tasks almost immediately. (Did I mention I'm all about getting RESULTS and getting sh*t done?)


Video Calls

On our first video call we will dive into your business and where you most want + need my help. Then we have two more calls where we really get down and dirty. No cookie cutter plans here! We create your plan together based off of the unique needs of your business.


SOS Email Access

You'll have email access to me between your strategy calls for any questions that come up as you begin implementing Phase 1 of your Perfect Plan.


Marketing + Productivity Roadmap

On our 2nd and 3rd calls we will map out your marketing + productivity roadmap with special attention to your unique process.  You'll be clear on your next steps and which tools + skills you'll need to make the most of your custom plan.


Wrapping Things Up

Before we part ways you'll get your Perfect Plan Portfolio so you can easily reference what needs your attention and guide you to your next steps! 

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Kelly has not only given my businesses an overhaul but my mindset too! I had lost my creative mojo and had given up on an entire business.

After working one on one with her I was able to start creating again even better than before and have reworked my business and will be relaunching it with a better model and structure.

Kelly is really all the things from marketing to tech to productivity to girl let’s get you out of your funk! If you want someone to make you get shit done and generate a serious income work with Kelly.



Kelly, let me just dive right in and say thank you for helping me to find my authentic voice!

Your creative, no frills approach to helping others get inside the minds of their clients so they can begin to form deeper more authentic connections is nothing short of amazing.

In just 3 sessions, I felt completely aligned with my communities on social media, and gained a crystal clear understanding of the next steps I had to take in order to get there. 

If you’re looking to stop spinning your wheels and get clarity once and for all, then I highly recommend you invite Kelly to walk beside you on your journey.


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Working with Kelly has been the best thing for me in my business.

It's so easy as the owner who is entrenched in the business to be blinded to the things that anyone else might see clearly. You need someone who can remove the blinders, show you the path, and not waste your time either!

Kelly is that person for me. Someone I can trust to bring me the hard truth, help me see the big picture, and then effectively go through the steps to help me accomplish it!

I can confidently recommend Kelly to anyone ready to level up their business and willing to do the work to make it happen! Your business will thank you!

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Some real talk...

It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time to be thinking about taking that next step in your business. The one where you uplevel by hiring the someone to dig around in your hard work and tell you honestly (but kindly) what's working and what isn't. I know because in the last 9 years of my business I have taken this step numerous times to reach out for individual help, guidance and a kick in the pants when I need it.

I know how vulnerable it can feel to have someone picking apart your hard work and I take the trust you have placed in me very seriously. 

I'll treat it like it's MY baby too. Promise.

I have two regrets in my business. 

  1. Not seeking high level support, guidance and coaching earlier on.
  2. Trying to do literally everything myself. From website design to graphics to marketing to business strategy to bookkeeping.   

Think of all the time and money this cost me. Learn from my mistakes.

This is a very targeted plan. The coaching sessions that come along from it are not only born from my own lessons, but also from the frequent questions and real world problems of the thousands of women I have worked with over the last 9 years.  


I know that if I do what I want to do by helping you do what you want to do, we're going to be kicking ass all over the place!

And that is world-changing right there.

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