How Marketing is Just Like A Middle School Crush

facebook marketing

Remember when you were in middle school and you finally got the guts to say hi to that cute classmate you'd been crushing on all year?  Remember that feeling you had when he didn't say hi back? Ugh! I feel the pit in my stomach just writing that! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here's my point. Doesn't it kind of feel the same way when we post on social media and get ZERO response? No one likes to put themselves out there to be met with silence. 👂

Good news! Over the last 9 years of working with thousands of small business owners I've figured out why so many people feel the sting of silence from their efforts.

You're either taking the wrong steps OR you are taking them out of order.👣

Let me help you walk through this awkward period in your online presence.

Step 1: The Warm Up

This period can feel drawn out and super lonely.  Your job is to begin teaching your followers how you want them to engage by asking questions, rewarding their responses with your quick response and slowly, ever so slowly, moving the conversation to get to know THEM.  

Wait!  Kelly, are you saying I shouldn't be posting all about ME, my business and the products/services I sell?!    *Kelly nods*

The strategy behind getting a targeted following and engagement when you post isn't rocket science.  It also doesn't change a whole lot platform to platform, which is good news.

Are you wondering what you SHOULD be posting?  Of course you are!  It is the #1 question I get asked!  Quickly followed by "How often should I post?"

The very general response since I don't know your specific business or niche is, "You need to post consistently. Your posts need to be about topics that your ideal customer is INTERESTED in."  No, that does NOT mean every single post should be highlighting your products. When people want to buy they will, but peppering them daily with your marketing messages is a TOTAL turn off!

The real truth is that you can't possibly know what to post until you know WHO you are posting to!

Step 2: The Biche Profile

Did you just say a bad word? Though I do enjoy saying things like "kickass" "badass" and "get shit done," the word "Biche" actually should be music to your ears, even if it sounds rude at first. 

Taking this next step is an absolute for anyone who is serious about their business.  Sadly, it is one that lots of people gloss over thinking that selling to "everyone" is a better bet for a BIG bottom line.  (Oh how very WRONG they are!)

You can't get RICH in your NICHE if you don't know your BICHE!™

Go grab my FREE Niche (Biche) Workbook and get started with the very essential task of narrowing your market and getting super intimate with the person you want do business with again and again and again! 

 Step 3: Discovery

This is quite possibly my favorite step in the process!  Now it's time to head out to find where your biche is hanging out online and what kinds of content will make them love following you online.  I'm talking stalker level followers who hang on your every word drooling like basset hounds waiting for your next posts! 

Some of my favorite places to discover your biche are Pinterest (duh!), YouTube and Amazon.  Take some of the keywords that describe your biche (from the description you created using the workbook) and type them into these search engines to open a whole new world of fun content and creative ideas for making YOUR social media THE place to be!

Step 4: Your Unique Drool Worthy Original Content

Sometimes coming up with new content can feel overwhelming, but my JOB is to break it down into easy, manageable steps so you are a PRO at doing this.  My other gift is helping you get more done in less time so you aren't living on the computer!

Believe it or not, quotes STILL get massive engagement on social media and they are some of the easiest posts to create that show your personality and your brand. They really serve to speak to your biche.  

I use Canva to create my quotes/graphics with help and inspiration from Creative Market, Pinterest and Good Reads Quotes.

Step 5: The Plan

By plan I mean actually sitting down and scheduling time to work ON your business.  So many small business owners burn the candle at both ends working IN their business, but fall short on working ON their business.  Marketing efforts, especially when it comes to social media, really do need to be strategic and planned.  That's my wheelhouse ya'll!

I like to suggest batching your work so that you are doing the SAME thing for a certain period of uninterrupted time. Then actually write in your planner or calendar the date and time* you are going to work on that task.  

For instance, set a timer for 30 minutes and work on creating only quote posts in Canva. You'll find you get way more done when you get into a groove and aren't flipping from task to task. 

*If you have young children or an unpredictable schedule I suggest prepping the task so when a chunk of time presents itself you are prepared to get right to work.

Do you think having a day by day, step by step training to walk you through the strategy of getting your Facebook page really hopping would be beneficial? I have an in depth course called Honey Badger Underground you should check out.  The best part is you can go at your own pace and the strategies I teach can be applied to your groups and Instagram as well.