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The Perfect Plan

This custom blueprint is designed to get you moving forward with systems, actions plans and accountability to move the dial on those big ideas.

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The Business Edit VIP Day

When your business is spread across a multitude of programs, apps and storage spaces you spend precious time looking for what you need.  Everything related to your business in one space for you [and your team] to easily access what you need to increase the bottom line.  

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Smart Boss Bootcamp

6 Weeks of Live Lessons, Coaching and Accountability. Your content creation will be scroll stopping drool worthy goodness that attracts your dream clients with ease.

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Private Coaching



Get Shit Done Sesh

As entrepreneurs it can get lonely and quite frankly, UN-motivating, to always be working on our own. Do you ever wish you had a parnter who "gets it" to help you move your projects along or even INSPIRE you to do the thing that you are terrified to do?

  • 90 minutes of laser focus on YOUR business or business idea
  • We can even tackle the stuff you dread or have been putting off (it's so much more fun with a friend)
  • Video conferencing allows us to share screen to figure out any tricky bits of tech.

Let's get busy!

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3 Hour Coaching Bundle   

Girl, you are going to be blown away with all we can accomplish in 3 hours!

This could be just what you need to get your creative ideas in motion and that kick in the pants to get your brilliance out to the world!

You decide what will be most beneficial for your time:

  • coaching
  • co-working
  • strategizing
  • planning
  • copywriting
  • website copy
  • etc...

This is going to be a blast! 

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10 hour Coaching Bundle 

You and me nose to the grindstone for 10 hours!? 

Do you have a lot to do and a feeling of overwhelm? Are there parts of your business that you dread doing or feel like you just need some help to get it done?

This package has helped others:

  • re-write all their sales pages
  • create an onboarding system and write all the SOPs for new team members.
  • create a 5 Day Challenge and outline/write the webinar content.

If you like having accountability and have lots to get done, this is for you!

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