How to Download Your Facebook Content: Personal & Business Page

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Would you be upset to come to Facebook some day and have all of your photos and videos GONE? It'd be a good idea to do this.
FYI, my transfer of images only took about 2 hours, but if you choose to download ALL of your content at once it might take considerably longer. 

For your personal profile:

1. Click on the down arrow at the top of the page
2. Settings
3. Setting & Privacy
4. Your Facebook Information (it may ask you to enter your password)
5. Then choose Transfer a copy of your photos or videos OR download your information. If you choose "Transfer a copy of your photos or videos you'll have to designate where you want them sent (Dropbox, GooglePhotos, Backblaze 2)
If you choose download your information you will have lots of choices to make (see video below)

IF you have a business page:

1. Page Settings
2. General
3. Download Page
Better to be safe than sorry!

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