What Is a Bot and How Can It Help Me in My Business?

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Have you heard about bot technology or chat bots? No? I’m excited to be the first person to introduce you to the technology!

Bots make it possible for you to be more personal, more proactive and more streamlined in the way that you interact with people.

Facebook messenger is a place to connect and interact with your followers and NOW you can do so in a super fun, interactive and personal way using chat bots!

Picture this: Someone messages you on Facebook. They're greeted with your handcrafted welcome message. This message includes a few suggestions such as your most popular blog posts, your website and possibly a question to gather enough information to help them further.  Depending on the answer to the question, the bot can automatically respond and help your customer quickly get more information. 

Think of a bot as an automated helper in your business. 

“Helper” being the operative word.  Don’t think for one second that these messenger bots are going to do the heavy lifting in your business and allow you to sit back sipping a margarita while the cash rolls in!  Don’t we wish!

Think of the chat bot as your extroverted friend who is kickass at getting the conversation started, but clams up as soon as things get personal. That’s where YOU come in. 

A bot CAN be personal, fun and engaging.  It just needs to be set up properly.

The pure MAGIC of the bot is the personal feel of the communication going back and forth with whomever is messaging you.  A bot can quickly answer common questions and provide guidance.  YOU will have set up the bot to answer questions in the way you want it to. 

The Facebook messenger platform is one that over 1 BILLION people are already using. It’s already a familiar form of communication for many. Much of the research is coming back showing that messenger has a higher open rate than email and that those comfortable with the platform respond and interact with it very quickly.

3 Ways a Bot Will Help You in Your Business
  1. A bot can respond immediately giving your customer a prompt response when they message your business page.
  2. A bot can get the conversation started and take it up to the point that a human needs to respond. 
  3. When done properly, a bot helps to move the relationship along in a natural and expedited way.

Today’s consumers are used to and WANT instantaneous responses.

A chat bot allows you to customize the answers to common questions and to guide the customer in their journey with your brand.

Don’t underestimate the value bots can bring to your clients all while nurturing the relationship!

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