6 Non-icky Ways to Post About New Products

You’re back from your national conference with great ideas and inspiration swirling around in your head. Plus you have a new catalog, new products and you are BURSTING at the seams to book some parties and sell some of these fabulous new products!

Before you go hog wild filling up your social media sites with post after post, let’s gather ourselves and do it in a way that isn’t spammy, desperate and off putting.

Let’s also AVOID having Facebook targeting your posts as...

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6 Genius Ways to Use Facebook in Your Direct Sales Biz

Are you seeing a decline in your fan page interaction and reach? 

We all are these days and instead of sulking in your tea let’s see if we can stir up some online fun to get your followers off of dead center.

6 genius ways to use Facebook in your direct sales business

If your page has fewer than 100 followers (or if you have never made an effort to actively engage with your followers) it might take some time.  Don’t give up if you feel like your social media strategies for engagement feel more like yelling into a black...

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